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Using time-effective private aircraft transportation as both a business and leisure tool provides a welcome contrast to conventional travel throughout Southern California. A privately chartered helicopter can get you from Santa Monica, to that important meeting in San Diego in an hour's flight time. Our fleet of private jets can get you anywhere around the world.

The Helicopter; Need to get to LAX? You can be there in 15minutes from almost anywhere in LA. Season tickets to the Lakers, or a Concert at Staples? Forget the traffic and the 2 hour drive. You'll be there in 15 minutes. If you're thinking about that getaway weekend in Palm Springs, Big Bear or Santa Barbara and don't want to endure that 3 1/2 hour drive in traffic, we can have you there in about an hour. Coastal Air Charter can replace long waits in traffic, cover great distances in a fraction of the time with the style and luxurious comfort of private helicopter travel.

Below are some examples of the kind of private charters Coastal Aircharters can provide for you:

Van Nuys / Burbank to LAX Approx 15 Mins.
Van Nuys to Staples Center 15 Mins.
Van Nuys to Santa Barbara Approx 55 Mins.
Burbank to Santa Ana Approx 1/2 Hour
LAX to Santa Ana Approx 18 Mins.
Santa Monica to San Diego Approx 50 Mins.

While the above examples are the flight times each way, your trip is completely customizable to your specific requirements and schedule.

Call us today for:
• 24 hour flight scheduling
• Door-to-door limousine service
• Custom gourmet catering
• Customized flight arrangements
• Private, discreet secure facilities

Coastal Aircharters offers what you want most - speed, security, safety, reliability and privacy. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the luxurious accommodations provided by our friendly staff on board your aircraft. Coastal Aircharters is there at your call, day or night, ready to get you airborne and on your way. Call us today for a quote or to get your flight scheduled.

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Coastal Aircharters principals have over 25 combined years of aviation experience in delivering sound, safe aviation solutions.

Whether you're looking to get a private charter, customized ENG Aircraft program, aerial photography, or place an airconditioner on your rooftop, Coastal Aircharters can provide the expertise and equipment to get the job done.

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