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Buying an aircraft is a complex proposition, while the benefits of ownership extend from tax relief to the luxury of having your own aircraft customized to your needs. Let Coastal Aircharters put its years of experience in aircraft acquisition and management to work for you. Aircraft owners benefit from all the advantages aircraft ownership has to offer, but without the headache or hassles of effectively managing the assett. You won't have to deal directly with the administrative, FAA and other regulatory issues, and operational burdens. Coastal's aircraft management program handles flight management, aircraft maintenance, safety and FAA regulatory compliances and Insurance issues, along with all aspects of scheduling flights.

Because of the depth and size of Coastal's fleet, aircraft owners can realize a substantial savings in fuel, maintenance, insurance, and all other aspects of aircraft ownership. Your aircraft is available whenever and wherever you need it, but works elsewhere all over the world, flying charter. Charter revenue can greatly help defray the cost of aircraft ownership, or turn your aircraft into a profit center, creating a return as high as 10% on your investment. Our aircraft management program helps control your costs, realize substantial fuel savings through our bulk fuel purchases, and provides you monthly usage and financial reports.

Experienced dispatchers schedule all charter activity, while highly experienced qualified aircraft maintenance technicians service and groom your aircraft. Industry safety specialists audit Coastal's operations with safety as their sole criteria, acting on behalf of both our organization and our clientele. We pride ourselves on delivering the client services that make aircraft charter and ownership more comfortable, convenient, secure and discreet. No request is too large or too small. It is this high standard of excellence combined with safety being paramount that continues to keep Coastal's customers where they need to be, when they need to be there.

• 24-hour dispatch
• Dedicated Safety Team
• Highly trained and experienced flight crews
• 1st Class Customer Care

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Coastal Aircharters principals have over 25 combined years of aviation experience in delivering sound, safe aviation solutions.

Whether you're looking to get a private charter, customized ENG Aircraft program, aerial photography, or place an airconditioner on your rooftop, Coastal Aircharters can provide the expertise and equipment to get the job done.

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